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Buy Sweet Potato Vermicelli | Buy Vermicelli in China

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longkow vermicelli

longkow vermicelli
Product name : longkow vermicelli
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Longkow vermicelli


1. Flavor: We have traditional rice noodles and instant vermicelli with various flavors for your choice.


2. Packing:

Instant rice noodle


80g× 20bags


86g× 20bags


115g× 20bags


1000g× 10bags


83G× 5× 10bags


88g× 5× 12bags


105g× 5× 12bags


80g× 24Cup


105g× 12Cup


We can make any packing style according to your requirements.


3. Feature and Application: Rice noodles are prevailing these years widely around the world. They can be used in supermarket, restaurant and also the family. We can supply from the materials to the tabletop usage. It is convenient, especially our instant rice noodle, just like instant noodle, can be enjoyed at any time and any place.


4. Culture: Rice noodles are an age-old Chinese food. They are long sticks with round cross-section made from ground powder of glutinous rice and fine flour. Rice noodles are white and shiny and as thin as silk threads. They are various in different regions of China, but theres no doubt that they are one of the favorite food that people like in China.


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